What to Wear – {Brunswick, Georgia Portrait Photographer}

What to wear to our session, is a question I get asked often. Does it matter? Yes it actually does. Check out this website for a easy visual understanding of why it is important on what each of your family wears to your photo session.

I would like to take it a step further. Lets coordinate your clothing choices instead of matching them. All white polo shirts and khaki pants seem fine and I have done a ton of them especially for beach sessions which are nice. Other sessions, choose colors that excite your family and make you happy, add accents of color and hues to your outfits.

Here is an example of what to wear. All these clothing choices are from, Banana Republic, Old Navy or Gap. The little girls red shoes however are from Cachet Kids.


I know that planning on what to wear can sometimes be daunting, but I hope this What to Wear post and the ones to follow this will help inspire you for your session with me.


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