Family Portraiture Seminar – {Golden Isles Portrait Photographer}

I had the pleasure attending Sam Puc’s Family Seminar. It was amazing! I came out so inspired. She is incredibly passionate and also emotional towards the few charities that she feels so strongly about. The first being NILMDTS that I am a member of.
The seminar covered family portraiture ranging from posing, marketing ideas, shooting techniques, marketing strategies and gear to extensive marketing plans. I would say that the marketing was the big part of this years seminar. She gave break down month by month marketing ideas and also seasonal marketing ideas. Not only for the big guys with big studios but also great ideas for those that shoot on location only or in a small bedroom studio. :)
She also did a live family session on stage, which included husband and wife and two small boys about the age of my small boys. (3 and 4) They were a riot for sure. What was nice about watching her work, was how she handled the chaos. You ealize that even she, has the same obstacles that the rest of us photographers have. :)
I will try to attend the other yearly seminars. She stated there will be 8 more, but not all conducted by her. Next year will be on passion or weddings I guess. That should be fun as well.
151Jeannie Reeves Photography-Copyright 2009227-Copyright-2009-Jeannie Reeves Photography2 (8)

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  1. Marla

    Sandy Puc is great !! I attended one of her very inspiring seminars in 2008. She shared lot of valuable information.

    Lovely photos, Jeannie!

    February 10, 2010 at 1:23 am

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