Babies and Kids on Jekyll Island – {Jekyll Island, Photographer}

I met up with these little guys about 2 weeks ago for a fun portrait session on Jekyll Island. The grounds surrounding the Jekyll Island Club hotel are my favorite place to do photo sessions or just to walk around. It was a tad chilly on this day, or at least in the shade, we were so happy to have the sun to warm us up in.
These boys are cousins… The oldest boy was so very happy and playful. I really enjoyed hanging out with him. Capturing those wonderful grins and smiles warms my heart. The baby also had a very precious smile and the cutest part was he smiled the best when his mom sang to him… My kids have the opposite affect when I sing. LOL And while we all love smiley babies and kids.. the crying baby photo is just so hard not to love. What do you think?

Look at the cute smile

This one cracks me up..  The boy on the left is not too sure of his cousins driving skills.. He looks worried.

Look how happy this kid is.. The car is the Red Car in front of Indian Mound Cottage.

I just can’t help but to love this one.  He has two perfectly placed tears even.

This is what he spent most of his time doing that day, running after me and smiling.

Such a beautiful baby!

I love it when you can see little guys pants and how small their legs are. Adorable!

Playing in the grass… fun times!

Remember doing this when you were younger.  I would love to do this now..

OMG this kids cracks me up!
I was shooting the baby, when I noticed in the background he was all cheesin and waving.. I could not help but to capture this moment!

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