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I started the ~Image of the Week~ for facebook page, but I will try to post them here too. I can’t remember if I have shared any on the blog before, but I think its a good idea now. :) Please become a fan of my facebook page and I would love it if you shared my page with your friends too.
Be on the lookout, because something very exciting is coming to Jeannie Reeves Photography very soon. Its really hard for me to not tell everyone right now..


Starting off my image of the week with this one. This adorable little girl and her two older brothers.. Loved this session.


I met this family about a year a half ago.. Now their family has grown by one and look how adorable this family is! I love this family, they are so happy and easy going.


This weeks ~ image of the week~ is one pretty special to me. Meet Tyler. Tyler is my baby and will be turning 3 on April 12th. He is such a sweet little boy. Charming and funny all the time. I love you Tyler!


I’m sorry, I forgot about ~image of the week~ yesterday! But good things do come to those who wait right? LOL This weeks image is from one of my first (paid) clients. I still love this image and the shallow depth of field. If you have visited my blog recently or ever, you may have noticed this image in the header. I do love this one! This little girl has moved out of the area, but I would love to photograph her again.


Week 5 of ~Image of the Week~ Yay!!! I don’t photograph too many seniors, but when ever I get the chance to, I am always amazed at how beautiful senior girls are these days. I seriously do not recall any of the girls at my high school looking like these girls do. Wow.. this weeks image of the week is of this beautiful senior girl!


This little girl was from one of my earlier sessions a couple years ago. I could not believe how adorable she was. She deserves to be this weeks ~Image of the Week~


Time again for ~Image of the Week~ This week my middle son turns 4 years old, Ryan. He is the hardest to get photos of I think, because he is such a clown like his dad.. Always playing and joking around. Happy Birthday Ryan, mommy loves you very much!


I totally forgot all about ~Image of the Week~ yesterday.. So sorry.. This one is my prom couple from this past weekend. I absolutely love their choice of blue! It is so beautiful! They are a fine couple and I want to add that he will be entering in a ROTC collage program in the fall, and she will be going to a different collage with a Full scholarship. Congratulations you two!


This little girl is so adorable! This is my pick for this weeks ~Image of the Week~ I had a lot of fun putting fun hats and tutus on her.


~Image of the Week~ time.. Fathers day is coming up in a couple of weeks. June 20th to be exact. Something about seeing a father with his child, during these tender moments, just melts our hearts! I love this photo! Awesome!


~Image of the Week~ Wow weeks go by fast during the summer! I love this photo. Can you guess what his name is? Also, Im super impressed at how well he writes his name.


~Image of the week~ is here again! How fun it is to show something fun like this one. I love to see people laughing like this. You can’t help but to smile when you see images like this one! So everyone SMILE!! :)


Woot Woot ~Image of the Week~ Sometimes everything falls into place during a beach session.. some people think that full sun is what they want.. but not true.. a bit of haze and clouds can be extra special at that beach. Just like in this image. Love everything about this photo, the sky, the reflection..everything!

~Image of the Week~ Have you ever found a mess and wanted to scream? Well instead.. I took photos of the mess! This was from a few years back, but still very precious to me! Funny thing is I can’t remember if this is Tyler or Ryan.

~Image of the Week~ This weeks image is of my youngest son and my nephew during our fun 4th of July weekend. These boys love to ride around in our powerwheels. I thought it was too cute they were making “hang loose” and “peace” signs with their fingers.

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