Very Successful 1st Annual Halloween Fundraiser and Costume Contest!

We had the best time ever during our 1st Annual Halloween Fundraiser and Costume Contest! I really enjoyed seeing all these little guys in their costumes.

Our fundraiser was very successful too!  We had a total of 32 kids, 99 items of food donated and a total of $25.00.  AWESOME!

As you can see, my and husband and I got in on the fun to show off all the LOOT!  I love my job!

All donations were delivered to St Andrews Episcopal Church in Darien, GA

Check out the voting still going on on FACEBOOK

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One Response

  1. Sandy Howard

    haha – I never saw the one of you and Dan and the GOODS you collected. Awesome!

    October 2, 2011 at 4:12 pm

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