Sweet Newborns {Georgia Newborn Photographer}

This sweet little girl at only a week old, fought us on getting her to sleep, but we won and got some awesome shots of her!   She is to be the last one born of her mother, so her mom wanted to do it right and get the photographs she had always wanted of her other children.

I love to photograph newborns, because I get to try out some great poses and fun creative props.  While they do take more time because we wait for them to relax and fall into a deep sleep, however, I love that too because I get to cuddle with them!  Being a patient photographer really will pay off in newborn photography!

If you are pregnant or know someone that is, send them my way so we can discuss having their new baby photographed!    Newborns are best photographed in the first two weeks of their life (unless premature).





Jeannie Reeves Photography
303 Northway – Darien, GA 31305


(912) 230-9112

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