2011 Annual Halloween Costume Contest and Fundraiser! SUCCESS!

Another very successful Halloween Costume Contest and Fundraiser this year! We had over 40 children attend our event this year and over 120 food items and $95 donated. You guys ROCK!
Get your VOTES in! To Vote go HERE! If you want to purchase or see all the photos go HERE!

1st Place Winner: $100 Cash/Debit Card(to be used anywhere), Free Standard Photo session with the High Resolution CD of all the photos and the Print Release (no size printing restrictions).

2nd Place Winner: Free Standard Photo Session with CD of all the photos and the Print Release to print 5×7 or smaller.

3rd Place Winner: Mini Photo session with Low Resolution CD of all the photos.



Jeannie Reeves Photography
303 Northway – Darien, GA 31305


(912) 230-9112
Serving Brunswick, St Simons Island and Jekyll Island Georgia

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