Congratulations to our Winners – Halloween Costume Contest 2011!

I want to congratulate each of our winners! This year was a very tough contest, everyone worked very hard to get their votes.

I also want to take a moment and say how very sorry we are for the family of Jorja Rooks in her passing.   We will never forget her beautiful smiles!

1st Place Winner: $100 Cash/Debit Card(to be used anywhere), Free Standard Photo session with the High Resolution CD of all the photos and the Print Release (no size printing restrictions).

2nd Place Winner: Free Standard Photo Session with CD of all the photos and the Print Release to print 5×7 or smaller.

3rd Place Winner: Mini Photo session with Low Resolution CD of all the photos.

1st Place Winner


2nd Place Winner        3rd Place Winner


Jeannie Reeves Photography
303 Northway – Darien, GA 31305
(912) 230-9112
Serving Brunswick, St Simons Island and Jekyll Island Georgia

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