On this day there was a wedding – Jekyll Island Georgia Photography

This day, on this day in July, it was the perfect day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and these two came together as husband and wife… and what a glorious day that was. They chose the magical island of Jekyll Island, Georgia to say “I do” to each other. This beautiful bride adorned with flower petals in her hair and her groom with a twinkle in his eye for his bride! Best Friends, soul mates together at last!
This bride is so lovely and creative. She made her own bouquet from wildflowers as well as the flowers in her hair. She also wore a necklace made from a stone that was from her grandmother’s ring and carried a handkerchief that is a family heirloom, as well. She would be presenting her groom with the ring that his grandfather wore too. Love, Family and Friendship!

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