Fall Country Wedding Waycross Ga Photographer

Meeting this bride for the first time at our consult proved to be so funny, the story was still being told the day of the wedding.  When she arrived at the studio with her grandmother to talk over her wedding photography needs and all that fun stuff, I the photographer also had been conducting Internship interviews and had a applicant with the same first name as this bride.  So as you can imagine the questions were not geared toward her wedding but all the passion about photography and how I operate my business.   It was not until about 10 minutes in and of course after a questions that was directed towards interns did she figure out the mistake.  It was so funny and also amusing to me how she interpreted the way I was conducting the “wedding consult”.    We all had a great laugh!

Now on to her amazing Fall Country Wedding! I was so excited to do this wedding.  It was going to be country and with beautiful Fall colors!   Oh and did I say COUNTRY!! yes Country!! Down to the mason jars filled with Country Ice Tea to the Wedding location, “Swamp Road Baptist Church”  Everyone was so much fun, what a great couple and a great pairing of families!


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