My New Promotional Video – St Simons and Jekyll Island Wedding Photographer


I am so EXCITED to launch my NEW promotional video (Whoop Whoop)!!! made by Matt Hanak. He did AMAZING and Thanks to the newly engaged couple Sarah and Harry!!! We had a blast making this video and I was thankfully able to act like my normal goofy self with them and we had tons of laughs and great memories!  This new video will soon be replacing the one we did a few years ago that is currently on my website.

Jeannie Reeves Photography
303 Northway – Darien, GA 31305
(912) 230-9112
Serving Brunswick, St Simons Island and Jekyll Island Georgia

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  1. Susan

    Hi there! I’m organizing an investors conference at Jekyll Island Oct 19-22. We were looking to get a promotional video made while we’re there. Just a couple hours for two of the days, we’re going to be at the Jekyll Island Club Resort. I’ve seen your wedding videos and they’re stunning, love your work! Wasn’t sure if you guys are available or interested, if not, can you recommend anyone? Thanks in advance!

    September 10, 2017 at 5:37 pm

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