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Power Rangers are here! {Mother Photographer}

I am working hard to catch up my blog postings.  I don’t post too much of my own children, but I wanted to show you these.  Both my boys were Power Rangers for Halloween last year.  Both red Power Rangers, well because making them the same quiets down the fighting that the other one wants what the other has. LOL

My boys are ALL BOY. they have all the moves down.  These were the best costumes for them!  They actually kept them on the entire evening while going door to door.. Oh and  they made sure to show there powerful moves to everyone! What a great night!

Halloween Power Rangers

Halloween Power Rangers

Halloween Power Rangers

Halloween Power Rangers

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Happy New Year 2010!!!!! {Brunswick, GA Photographer}

I had the pleasure of spending much needed time over the holidays with my wonderful family. The kids made out like crazy as they always do. In my family, we feel its all about the kids and it makes us adults very happy to see them all light up over the little things. My brother and his family drove down as well and had our small family Christmas at my grandmothers house. It was loud and crazy, but so much fun! We all ate way too much food and the kids had oh so much candy that I dont even want to tell anyone how much. :) Then we drove up to Charleston and rang in the New Year. But I wimped out and fell asleep before midnight. OH and forgot how loud firecrackers were.

And what is a post with out a photo? I have a ton of photos of our holiday fun, but just want to share this one. This is where I come from. This is mom and dad. They just recently shared there 39th anniversary and I love them dearly! With only one sibling and my parents, we are a very close family! I love you mom and dad!


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